God Can and Will

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, accordingly to the power that worketh in us.” Ephesians 3:20.  
God is an awesome God. He is omnipotent- all-powerful. He can do anything He wants and does in His timing which is so unique. His ways are not like ours but look for a minute on his side. God knew each person before they were born and already had their life planned. Everything they are supposed to be, who their family will be, who their friends and acquaintances will be. We’re starting to get complicated here because not only does He know the plans that are planned for me, and for everyone, they have to meld together like an intricately woven web. We are each a part of His large plan. So everything has to work when He wants. How do you think you could meet the person you were supposed to marry if they didn’t pop into your life at the exact moment you were there.
It sounds kind of like we’re just puppets in His play. No this is the wisest deity ever. He loves us all the same without partiality. He knows the personality in our souls and what would truly make us happy beyond our wildest Imaginations. He wants to shower us with blessings. He has given us His plan for a perfect life in His 

Holy Word-The Bible. If we are following that plan and seeking after Him then it makes His job easier. But, we like to do things our way and in our own timing .

“I can run my own life,” When will we realize we don’t have the map He does . Our ideas sound great but His are better.
We can get off track and cause more harm than good. Sin , unwise choices can get us temporarily off the main road and on an access road. We can cause our own turmoil but God is always pursuing us to get back on the main road. Full of brand new blessings.
We also will have trials in our lives that may make us angry with God such as a death of a loved one. We need to draw closer to God and lean on the peace he gives. My stoke and almost dying was my biggest trial but I leaned on God. I sought after Him to learn about His ways. I was not real strong in the Lord at the time. Now God and I are so close and yes the best thing that ever happened to me was the stroke.
First thing you have to realize is that nobody loves you better than Him. He wants to give you more blessings than anybody else ever will. Several years back while working on my second book I had an encounter with God, I was typing as fast as I could and it felt like He was dictating to me and I was reading it for the first time with Him as He dictated. I was being so blessed by what I was typing. I took a break and sitting there I heard “I love you as much as my son David. You know I love everyone the same.” This hit my heart like a ton if bricks and I started crying. David was far from perfect but God calls him a man after His heart. Are you after God’s heart ? I want to be.
Even if I have to give up my desires and my timing I am going to trust Him. He has proved to me that He does know better than me what will make me happy. I’m giving Him the keys and He is taking me on the ride of my life. I can’t imagine what’s next.

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