Being Thankful

This being the season for thankfulness I thought I would write about what we really should be thankful for.
Think back in time to a formless void world where all there was was God. He had a plan. He wanted to have someone to talk with and love. Someone to relate to and to enjoy life with. Someone to love him back. Not someone who would automatically love him but someone who could decide on their very own to love and want to have a relationship with him.
First he would have to create an environment for that creation to dwell in. Some place perfect. Light and dark, night and day, come around every day without fail, season after season. He set the world in motion and the sun. Everything works perfectly for 365 days and then starts over. We never get too warm or too cold to survive. Clouds come and go and the earth waters itself.  
Plants of millions of different colors and varieties were placed here just for us. Flowers with awesome fragrances. All seed bearing to continually renew themselves over and over again. Some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Deserts, tundra, snow covered hills, jungles. Such variety.
Now think of all the different creatures in the sea and in the air. How about all life on the earth. Every animal, insect, creatures too many to comprehend. These were all given to Adam to enjoy and rule over. He was given the opportunity of naming them all. Talk about an unbelievable gift.
And he made man in his own image. He was so awesome to create all this just for us. It wasn’t just sufficient but mind blowingly awesome if you really think about it. He made us with everything we would ever need to survive and live awesome lives. Someday he would give us some of the knowledge he had to create things for ourselves.
Everything we would need to create for ourselves was growing around us, deep down in the soil, or in the air over us. He gave us the knowledge to make things happen. He gave us dreams to see fulfilled. He taught us so much about the world we live in.

He showed us things he made to cure sickness and taught us about the human body.
Our bodies are so amazingly made so precisely that it has taken thousands of years to discover. We still don’t know it all. God does though. He has helped us discover our planet in so many ways. We have been to the moon. Built aircraft that is able to carry so many people and equipment yet can still climb to altitudes and speeds unheard of. Ships as big as football fields that float around the world.
Yet with all knowledge he still wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us. Who am I in the grand scheme of things? Why would he want a relationship with me? He has placed his spirit inside of me. My life can never be full and I will always be searching for something until I have that relationship with him.
He knows me and what is best for me even though I don’t always know it myself. He knows the full picture and knows everything that will happen in my life.
I am so thankful each morning that he has given me a new day to discover and I will never take that for granted. He has done so much for me that I could never show him how much they mean to me even though I try.

God Can and Will

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, accordingly to the power that worketh in us.” Ephesians 3:20.  
God is an awesome God. He is omnipotent- all-powerful. He can do anything He wants and does in His timing which is so unique. His ways are not like ours but look for a minute on his side. God knew each person before they were born and already had their life planned. Everything they are supposed to be, who their family will be, who their friends and acquaintances will be. We’re starting to get complicated here because not only does He know the plans that are planned for me, and for everyone, they have to meld together like an intricately woven web. We are each a part of His large plan. So everything has to work when He wants. How do you think you could meet the person you were supposed to marry if they didn’t pop into your life at the exact moment you were there.
It sounds kind of like we’re just puppets in His play. No this is the wisest deity ever. He loves us all the same without partiality. He knows the personality in our souls and what would truly make us happy beyond our wildest Imaginations. He wants to shower us with blessings. He has given us His plan for a perfect life in His 

Holy Word-The Bible. If we are following that plan and seeking after Him then it makes His job easier. But, we like to do things our way and in our own timing .

“I can run my own life,” When will we realize we don’t have the map He does . Our ideas sound great but His are better.
We can get off track and cause more harm than good. Sin , unwise choices can get us temporarily off the main road and on an access road. We can cause our own turmoil but God is always pursuing us to get back on the main road. Full of brand new blessings.
We also will have trials in our lives that may make us angry with God such as a death of a loved one. We need to draw closer to God and lean on the peace he gives. My stoke and almost dying was my biggest trial but I leaned on God. I sought after Him to learn about His ways. I was not real strong in the Lord at the time. Now God and I are so close and yes the best thing that ever happened to me was the stroke.
First thing you have to realize is that nobody loves you better than Him. He wants to give you more blessings than anybody else ever will. Several years back while working on my second book I had an encounter with God, I was typing as fast as I could and it felt like He was dictating to me and I was reading it for the first time with Him as He dictated. I was being so blessed by what I was typing. I took a break and sitting there I heard “I love you as much as my son David. You know I love everyone the same.” This hit my heart like a ton if bricks and I started crying. David was far from perfect but God calls him a man after His heart. Are you after God’s heart ? I want to be.
Even if I have to give up my desires and my timing I am going to trust Him. He has proved to me that He does know better than me what will make me happy. I’m giving Him the keys and He is taking me on the ride of my life. I can’t imagine what’s next.

Something Great is Going to Happen

We all go through trying times of stress, things that weigh us down and take away our joy. As christians we know that God promised us trials of many kinds. Look at all Jesus went through. Its not that God is mad or upset with us. If we are seeking all we can of our savior he is purifying us as in the fire so we come out as gold, righteous. 
It really comes down to our outlook. How are we handling the fire. First thing to do when down is pray for strength. God says don’t worry but pray about everything instead. He cares for us and wants us to have a great life. He is going to give us His very best, He has promised. Trust Him, He has never failed yet. Tell yourself positive things.
I know my Jesus loves me, Gods got my back, good or bad He works all for good, his plans are good for me . I talk to myself throughout the day. I’m my best cheerleader. But I’m also listening for Him. He knows I will do anything he asks me. One Saturday morning in my nursing home we were waiting for breakfast and God told me to get everyone water, so l did. They loved it.
Back to trials- I had a massive brain stem bleed and almost died. They even asked me if I chose to live or not. They did not give much hope. I could move nothing. And I could not speak or even open my mouth. But I lived and came through the fire. I’m happier now than ever.
Four years ago I started having leg spasms continually after a couple years I found some relief but they came back harder than ever. You saw my health update after surgery they are gone, Amen.
 “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say rejoice.” Phillipians 4:4. ASV
We are to rejoice in the Lord always even in trials . My cramps were so bad that at times it was ridiculous and I would start laughing. I got tired of crying. I would tease God and say boy you must be up to something awesome. Knowing he always comes through. The worse the pain the greater the reward.
Something good always comes after the trials so 

just press on graduation is coming with new blessings. Remember God never fails.   

Young Life camp at Lost Canyon

Every summer without fail I get away for a week in the pines with friends. This is a camp for special needs folks of all ages and disabilities. Run by our good friends the D’Amico’s. Our church takes several people each year.

Every summer without fail I get away for a week in the pines with friends. This is a camp by Special Touch for special needs held at Young Life Camp at Lost Canyon for folks of all ages and disabilities. It is run by my good friends the D’Amico’s. Our church takes several people each year. It is directed by my teachers Cherie and Jerry Tinsman. Everyone in every area of the camp loves it and keeps coming back year after year.
This is my Bible study group.
Me just before my exciting turn on the zip line. Video of my ride follows.  It was an awesome few seconds.  The year before our theme was be strong and courageous so I decided to do something I feared and said I would never try.  I was being courageous and have awesome memories I will never regret.