Something Great is Going to Happen

We all go through trying times of stress, things that weigh us down and take away our joy. As christians we know that God promised us trials of many kinds. Look at all Jesus went through. Its not that God is mad or upset with us. If we are seeking all we can of our savior he is purifying us as in the fire so we come out as gold, righteous. 
It really comes down to our outlook. How are we handling the fire. First thing to do when down is pray for strength. God says don’t worry but pray about everything instead. He cares for us and wants us to have a great life. He is going to give us His very best, He has promised. Trust Him, He has never failed yet. Tell yourself positive things.
I know my Jesus loves me, Gods got my back, good or bad He works all for good, his plans are good for me . I talk to myself throughout the day. I’m my best cheerleader. But I’m also listening for Him. He knows I will do anything he asks me. One Saturday morning in my nursing home we were waiting for breakfast and God told me to get everyone water, so l did. They loved it.
Back to trials- I had a massive brain stem bleed and almost died. They even asked me if I chose to live or not. They did not give much hope. I could move nothing. And I could not speak or even open my mouth. But I lived and came through the fire. I’m happier now than ever.
Four years ago I started having leg spasms continually after a couple years I found some relief but they came back harder than ever. You saw my health update after surgery they are gone, Amen.
 “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say rejoice.” Phillipians 4:4. ASV
We are to rejoice in the Lord always even in trials . My cramps were so bad that at times it was ridiculous and I would start laughing. I got tired of crying. I would tease God and say boy you must be up to something awesome. Knowing he always comes through. The worse the pain the greater the reward.
Something good always comes after the trials so 

just press on graduation is coming with new blessings. Remember God never fails.   

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