“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. “. Phillipians 4:6

Trusting is hard for anyone but God said do not be anxious. So being anxious is a sin. I never saw it that way until I read it somewhere this month. I know to love, and not to lie, steal or hate. Anxiety did not seem like a sin. But for every sin, God Will provide a way out. I used to be a pilot and it takes a lot of trust to fly. Is that plane going to stay in the air? In the sky you can see for miles but you can’t always see other planes or even birds. I had my instrument rating so I could actually fly blind basically. That takes wisdom and trust in more than just knowledge. You put your trust in instruments to tell you just what to do and traffic controllers to tell you just where to be. Away from traffic and other dangers. But you have to trust that God will get you safely from point A to point B. Life is similar. You do not know if you will have an accident, or get cancer, or have a heart attack. But you assume you will live a good long life. We do not know what tomorrow holds, only God does. He has given his words of wisdom to teach us the way we should go, what to do and what not to do. He is our controller. He will lead us and guide us if we listen to him and talk to him. His words are not rules but guidelines to health, safety and happiness. The more you trust the happier and more at peace you will be. I loved flying just after it had snowed. When it was bright and sunny and the view was spectacular. It brought a lot of peace because I was enjoying Gods creation. But there are no guarantees that you won’t have turbulence in this life. Actually we are told that it wont always be sunny. But God is in charge and he will always lead you the right way. He can see the beginning from the end and the whole picture. The enemy can bring things that we don’t see coming, but God will use them for his purposes and our good. I know I have spent many nights lying awake and anxious over something I said, or something I did, or how to explain something to someone. I can even get anxious when someone in a book I’m reading has problems. I’m thinking how it might be made better. Sleep is important for health and strength. God promises good sleep to his children that are trying to seek his will and following his commands. Which includes not being anxious. So let God be God for he is in control.

Let There Be Life

“Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breached into his nostrils the breath of life, the man became a living being.” Genesis 1:7

Because of the sinfulness and selfishness of man their eyes have been blinded. Because as I see it dust can not breathe or have blood pumping through it’s veins to support that life. The human body itself is a very miraculous thing. Everything to keep us alive, healthy and happily ever after is inside of us. We also have the ability to think and reason. To understand good and evil. Now I am no rocket scientist but could all that just happen? Bang! No I know that it couldn’t. But people have believed that for thousands of years. They don’t want to be responsible for anyone but themselves. They believe they helped it happen. Now is that ludicrous? I can look around me at any hour of the day and see miracles everywhere. Granted I have lived on this earth for 63 years and I have been a Christian for 58 of those years. I have seen Gods faithfulness and seen his hand at work in my life. I have also gotten involved in sins that have blinded me to what is going on around me. Most of my life I spent my life enjoying my family, my job and my things and living my life. But when you nearly die, as I did you begin to think more clearly. What if I had died? Would I cease to exist? Would I go to heaven? Would I suffer in hell? What did I want? Well I wanted to be happy and to go to heaven. But how could I make sure that happened. I began to read everything I could about God, heaven, and about disciplining your life. I bought second hand books by the armfuls. My room looked like a library. I committed to doing whatever it took. Ten years later I am not the same person and some very special people helped me to move forward. The only one I can thank for that is God and his faithfulness. The Holy Spirit has been so good to teach, council, and give me great wisdom. He held my hand through everything. Now everywhere I look I see the hands of God at work giving me peace and contentment. Right in the midst of troubles I’ve never been happier. Thank you God!