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Annette Coffey

Fellow Sufferer

I lived a very blessed childhood. I grew up in a loving Christian home, was married to my high school sweetheart, and had three beautiful daughters who all fell in love and married great men.


Then when I was 45 I had a massive stroke and I lost the ability to speak for seven years. Then God healed my lungs and I was able to speak.I have worked with many speech therapists, but damage from the stroke has made it difficult to understand me, my tongue just does not move freely. This makes it hard to pronounce some words, so I just do not speak much. That is why I started writing books and writing here at this blog. I have so much I want to tell people and so many things to share.


Despite these trials, these have been some of the greatest years of my life. While I have been in a nursing home for the last eleven years I have had eight grandkids.

Annette Coffey

My Beautiful Grand Children