God’s Word is Important

The Bible is such a wonderful book read by so many people around the world every day. It is also the most misunderstood book. It is full of some absolutely astonishing facts and well loved promises. Stories of strength and courage. But it is about completely normal people, even weak people. People like you and me who screw up often and deserve rebuke but are used in some mighty ways. People say, “Oh, that’s impossible.” But what if it is possible, what if it’s all accurate. What if miracles really do happen every day and you are missing out on some of the greatest possibilities that could ever enter your life. People have a hard time reading through the Bible from cover to cover. But by picking and choosing what you prefer you are missing so much. Fifteen years ago after my stroke I was laying flat on my back feeling a little sorry for myself. I had lost so very much in my life. I had been a mother to three beautiful daughters and happily married to my high school sweetheart. I was a pilot just for fun, going here and there wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted. My husband and I owned our very own business that did very well. But after that fateful day I wasn’t able to do much. My body and my mind were broken. Now what? A woman I knew of, and one I greatly admired, came to my door one day. I had worked with her years before. She just felt led to help me somehow. She came in and offered to pray for me and maybe read some scriptures to cheer me up. Well I had grown up in a Christian home so I could have done that for myself but I hadn’t, I was too busy struggling hour to hour. I said sure and decided to see how it went. The words were comforting and she came back a few times. I was being polite to sit and listen but I began thinking. She has since died from cancer but she gave me something special. I decided to start reading my Bible every day, I had plenty of time. I was living at home and getting some therapy but it became apparent that I was going to need way more help than I was getting, if I ever wanted to get any quality back to my life. I agreed to give a care home a chance. One with full time rehab. They would be there for whatever I needed. It was very hard being away from my immediate family and friends. I could not really talk so I was misunderstood. I was so anxious for what laid ahead of me. God speak to me! I began reading every Christian book I could get my hands on. I was searching. I met a woman chaplain who loved God. I wanted what she had. I loved hearing her speak of her and God. They were close. The more I read the more my heart opened. I met someone who came to share songs he had written from scriptures. I began learning so many scriptures and they brought such peace. I began attending church when they offered to bus me there every Sunday. It was a really great church. I met so many great people there. Even though I was broken I belonged in the special needs ministry and got to know so many other handicapped friends. We went to a special camp for a week every summer. We got to do things like normal people. Swimming, playing games, a zip line through the forest, and singing. I loved it, and went back every year. We had an opportunity to try preaching so I tried it. I was pretty good at it. I had written a book about my stroke and all I had gone through. People liked it and encouraged me to write more. Me a writer? But God has given me four books so far and this will be my fifth. I learned that God has a calling on my life to write. I was meant to be an encourager. I gave my books to anyone and everyone. My daughter told me I should have a blog to advertise my writing, so I learned about blogging and started my own. My last book was a year long devotional. I started sharing this daily with people and it was very well received. All of this taught me so much. God has shown me so much throughout. It bolstered my faith and taught me so many scriptures. My life was amazing and my love for God was through the roof. I realized how important reading all God has for us in his word is. I made a requirement of myself to start in Genesis and go completely through taking my time till I got through Revelations, then start all over. It was hard but I have been so blessed through it. I will start sharing the nuggets I have uncovered each week.

Are you handicapped?

I had a massive stroke and am confined to a wheelchair because I can no longer walk. After being mute for seven years I am slowly getting my voice back but for some I appear to be talking in a foreign language. People can see my disability right up front. My mind though is very sharp nothing is missing there. I have the same mind that I always had throughout my life. I have done many things in my life and have a lot to offer.
I have written and published books that have been well received by my peers as quite helpful. There are many things I am unable to do but, l keep pushing forward and love helping people. Some people are physically able to do anything but their mind is very limited. On the outside you can not tell they would not have difficulty with anything. They appear to be just one in the crowd of millions of normal people. Everyone has a handicap of one sort or other.
Many people have learned to overcome all the handicaps in their life and live a very happy and productive life. Others gripped by fear or depression can not cope and thereby lead a very unproductive and difficult life. Never doing much of anything. It’s all in the mind. I know a man born with no arms or legs who learned to overcome all the challenges and go on to have a very happy successful life. A family-wife, kids, work, travel, and everything life has to offer. I have also met people that go through life grumbling, complaining, and never accomplishing much of anything. Just living day to day.
It’s always just someone’s fault not theirs that they never accomplish much. Now life is what you make it. If you are determined to be a success, have dreams, don’t give up when knocked down but keep persevering. Like many famous men and women that refused to give up. You can make something of your life. Look at Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Helen Keller. They overcame great odds to become something and I bet they wouldn’t change a thing. Life does not always give us roses but sometimes we get thorns. Bloom where you are planted.
Do not let struggles get you down. Keep reaching ahead for what you want with passion. There are so many cases of people that have tragic accidents in their life that handicap them but they don’t give up. They keep their eye on the goal and don’t give up till they get there. Nothing is impossible if you keep that in your mind and believe it.
The surfer that lost an arm to a great white shark, but came back to world class surfing with one arm and a great big heart. A stunt cyclist that survived a terrible accident totally severing their spinal cord, who one year later was doing stunts on their motorcycle just like before. Athletes that loose legs to accidents continuing to ski, swim, and run on prosthetics. Just like before.
Its all attitude you can make a big difference if you get a little altitude in your attitude. Reach for the stars.