“I, even I, am he who comforts you. Who are you that you fear mere mortals. Human beings that are but grass,”. Isaiah 51:12 NIV

We who serve an awesome God need to remember how big that God is. How much he greatly loves you and me. Our God is in control of everything. There is evil in this world that has control over us but it can only be used against us how God seems to allow for our good. He is sovereign and still has the last word. He made everything and has power over everything he has made. Mere mortals were one of the things he made. Although they have free will to do evil, God has more power because he controls how it’s affects his children. You can never say something was so bad that it should not have happened. My stroke was awful but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because of how it saved my soul. I was on a destructive path and it woke me up. I know of many things that seem bad on the surface that God has turned around for great good. If you have complete trust in the one who holds your future in the palm of his hands then everything will be all right. He is a very good and merciful God and over sixty years he has proven faithful. I have seen him do so many, so called, miracles just making our destinies work out. He has each of our lives planned out in advance and nothing takes him by surprise. He can see evil coming and his angels are just waiting to step in to help. We are his prized possession. And our outcome is of great importance. It is never left to chance. I had someone who I knew was having surgery today and they were worried about all that could go wrong. But they were a child of God and his will, will be done. It will turn out for good no matter what happens. This is so comforting. Not everyone can say that. If you are against God and doing life on your own than you have something to worry about. Especially if you die during surgery. If you are a child of God and something does go wrong and you die, then you will be in heaven with Jesus and that’s our greatest reward. And the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to us. I don’t want to die any earlier than God has panned. But I think a lot about heaven and how it will be. I can only imagine.

Can your fears do more than God can?

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