I had the opportunity to go to the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale Friday. My daughter and her son took me for the day. I greatly recommend it for those who haven’t been. I was so in awe of all the creatures living in oceans and streams. I can not look at the great diversity and see how it just happened.

Everything in that place just cried out God is awesome. So very many fish and water animals of all colors and shapes. I saw tiny little seahorses about 2-3 inches long swimming among the plants in their tanks. They would hold on to the plants with their tails while they slept or ate. So perfect in detail.

I watched otters frolicking around and found out that they are very excited by anything with wheels. They would get so excited at a stroller or even my wheelchair. The are so cute. They drew a large crowd. There behavior is so fun to watch.

So many different size and shapes of fish and such funny names. It looked as if they were making odd faces at me. Most very grumpy looking. I really enjoyed just watching them. One tank had sea turtles and my grandson spoke up. “Hey these are special needs turtles.” Most of the turtles were missing limbs.

Later in the day we heard that many turtles are hurt by boaters and debris in the water. They can no longer survive in the wild so this kind of home is perfect for their rehabilitation. Being in a wheelchair myself I can relate to what it takes to adapt. But God helps all creatures whether man or beast relearn the way they do things.

The way they learn to survive in their environment by coloring and the way they were designed. It is all so well thought out. How could something that perfect just happen. My mind just can not see anything about evolution as being plausible. I just got a magazine from the NCI. National Creation Institute in Dallas Texas.

This Institute is doing great things about building creation museums and educating people on true research that shows real facts of Creation. These aren’t just theories but actual researched facts that support the Bible’s history and timelines. Their magazine is called ‘Facts and Acts’. Great name.

There are so many scientists and researchers that are strong Christian authorities. They are striving to show truth. For so many years we have been programmed to think one way, evolution. But more and more wholes are being found in those theories.

I noticed this morning so much more than I normally do. So much beautiful landscaping. A beautiful golf course with so many different trees. Every shape and color. Man has done a great job of taming and designing around nature but give God the credit for all he has given us to work with.

I know of a new exhibit near my daughters home that has a life size recreated example of what Noah’s arc would have looked like. They got to go there this summer on their vacation . I guess it was massive. They really enjoyed it. I have no idea how all those animals got along for so many days. It must haves smelled too.

I am so glad there are places like that for my grandkids to explore. Things that finally give credit where credit is long overdue.

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