Awesome Creator

How can I begin to help you understand the complete awesomeness of our God? It is said that man just knew of a master designer by the world around us. Even those in far away remote tribes in the jungles of Africa knew of a power greater than ourselves out there that designed this planet.

Why it took so many years for some of our greatest thinkers and geniuses to come to a conclusion that we didn’t just evolve but that there was a master designer behind it all. Still today there are those who refute creation for evolution. They can not fathom something greater than themselves..

Talk about ego’s.. it is impossible for my brain to even comprehend anything coming from nothing.. I know that as many times as I have read through the Bible that I am biased,, but miraculous describes what I know. I am by no means a scholar or great thinker. Just look at the few facts we know.

There are billions of people on this planet, all different colors, races, sizes, languages, and no two exactly alike. With their own unique fingerprints. That’s just today, but also over thousands of generations. Not only humans but animals, fish, birds, creepy crawlers, and then there is plant life.

Deep breath, trees, grass, flowers, shrubs, environments of many kinds, different ecosystems, and so on and so on. I could go on for hours. There are even studies done on each of them. Mind blowing. I can’t help thinking about the one with wisdom to think it all up. Then to create it.

Just in one ecosystem there are different wind, rain, and temperature patterns that accommodate different plants, animals, and types of people. How many different ecosystems? I remember reading to my daughters when they were little about a little reddish frog somewhere in the jungle that was very poisonous if eaten. That is how it survived.

That story has always stayed with me. Showing me the uniqueness of all Gods creatures.. I’ve spent many nights watching animal shows about so many different animals and their own lives. Things different creatures can do and their behaviors.

Then start to think about our own creations made from just what was already on this planet from the beginning. How one mind thinks different ideas up. Someone came up with a little bean and now coffee is a billion dollar industry. I thank God every morning for that one. All we ever needed was already thought of and on this planet from the beginning.

There is so much beyond our atmosphere that we will never know but someone knows and thought it up for a reason. As a Christian I can’t help thinking about how he sees His creations, very good. Do you know that before any of us were ever born God in his infinite wisdom thought each of us up. He wrote a whole book on just one of us.

He designed me, who my parents would be, when and where I would be born. Who my husband would be and how we would meet. My daughters and their families and who I would become. The same is true for you. Isn’t our God awesome.

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