Keep Your Eye On Eternity

Keep thinking of where you will be forever when this brief life is over. If you accepted Christ as your King and serve Him only, he îs preparing a wonderful place for you in His kingdom. There life will be perfect, like you could never imagine. No more pain or sorrow because we will have perfect bodies. Young forever and ever. That’s more than our minds can fathom. Let me give an example of the opposite.

Imagine you are falling in a black hole. So dark it’s like you are wrapped in darkness. You keep falling because there is no bottom to this whole. You are burning up but your body is never consumed. You can hear screams and cries that make your stomach turn. The smell is awful like that of sulfur. It’s so strong that you are overcome and your eyes are burning. Well that’s just a taste of hell and it lasts forever and ever and ever.
You don’t want to go to a place like that. No one does but the road to heaven is very narrow and few persevere till the end. On the other hand the road to hell is wide and many end up there even some who thought they were saved. It is easy to end up there.. There will not be comradery in hell, it is utter isolation.
Be careful little eyes what you careful little ears what you hear, touch, taste, feel. These are all ways you can fall from grace. As Christians there is nothing we can’t do but all things are not good for us. It’s true He will never leave you nor forsake you. But he can not keep you from walking away from Him. He has given us free will because he wants us to want to do all we can for him.
If you truly love Him you will be like Him. Loving and serving others because He loves them more than you do. You will hurt inside for someone you know who is heading for hell. Many may know God but even demons know him and flee. You will know them by their fruit. It’s what comes out of a man’s heart that counts to God. He knows all our thoughts and deeds nothing is secret from Him.
He knows if we have turned bitter by not forgiving others. If you don’t forgive them Jesus cannot forgive you. You must obey his commands, but do you know them? Do you read His word daily. Those who persevere till the end and don’t grow tired of doing good will be rewarded. No one says it will be easy. You need to lay down your life and follow Him, no turning back, no turning back.
Don’t let pride destroy you. The enemy will try to deceive you into believing that you always deserve more than you have. More money no matter how you get it. More love- That man loves you more than your husband and will make you happy. You deserve whatever you want so just charge it. We can get in so much trouble if you listen to the enemy. God knows just what we need and will give it to us.
If Jesus wouldn’t do it, don’t do it. Treasure every minute that you have on this earth. Remember it counts for eternity . The more you give the more you receive here and on the other side. Don’t do it just for what you can get, but because you love God’s people like he does. He wants you to enjoy this lîfe as best you can.

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