Keeping your Joy

We all go through times that it seems difficult to have peace. When things happen that rock your world and just moving forward seems to be impossible. But look to God He is here to make the impossible possible.
The first and most important truth is you are in charge of your emotions. No one else and nothing else can decide for you how you feel. So you need to tell yourself the first moment you open your eyes. “This is the day you have made just for me. I Will rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it.
That is before any other emotions set in like how you feel, what the weather is like, or before speaking to others. I like to wake up early enough to spend time in prayer with the Lord going over my day and what I need the spirit’s help with. Or concerns I may have. That way they’re out of the way and I can begin on good footing.
Things you need to remember in advance: This is a day that God has all planned out for you even before you were born. Whatever happens good or bad God will work it out for your best. Just keep smiling and showing that smile to everyone else. As long as we stay in a positive cheerful mood the spirit in us will bring on the peace we need.
As soon as worry or stress try to sneak in go to the Lord in pray and lay down your concerns. If you have a confrontation with someone, pray. Amazingly the very best thing you can do with difficult people is pray for them, I learned this by accident when a client of mine was the most negative, disagreeable and unreasonable person I had ever met. I found myself asking God what can I do to change her opinion. God said “You can’t but I can, just leave it in prayer for me”. Things began to change.
Being angry or arguing is a waste of my breath because only God can change people. Remember he made them too. God has my back and he will always give me the right thing to say if I am listening.
Just keep smiling and do things to bring his presence. Read the word, listen to praise music, read a Christian book, spend time encouraging others. Do these before you lose control if you are getting stressed and rushed say a quick pray and change your focus or just breathe.
Remember God has given you the Holy Spirit to help you to control your emotions. He is way ahead of you as the days moves forward and does have all you need. Tell yourself if you are unsure of what actions to take. “What would Jesus do?”
The more you read the word, the more you will read his commands and awesome promises he has for you. You will also begin to see God’s personality. The Bible is the true word of God, inspired. One thing I settled in my mind long ago was. “This is Gods word. I believe every word and that settles it. As I read I learn what I believe and go from there. I don’t decide if I believe or not. It’s true so I believe.

Enjoy all God has for you. He has gone ought of his way to make this world we live in  everything we would enjoy. Don’t miss just all he has done.  Appreciate what he saw as very good.

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