“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

I have been so deceived and far from the truth, and I thought I was right. My thinking was so clouded by my sins. The darkness just drew me even deeper into its web. So I understand where the world in general is coming from. We have a very present enemy and he wants us annihilated. He can not stand the thought of anything from God succeeding. To be accurate he is so deceived that he actually thinks that he can win against the God who made him. The only one who can and will win is the one who knows everything and made everything. He made us a manual for living in this crazy life. And how to live it well. I have been studying that manual like my life depends on it. And you know what? It does. Having my stroke was a wake up call. Like I said I was so lost in the web of deception that God shook me and said, “ What are you doing?” Well I almost died in my sins. But God knew that wasn’t me. I was made for so much more. When I came to I had very little left but I did still have my mind. I said, “God why am I here?” I knew I had to survive for the ones who loved me. I knew many people were praying for me. So little by little and day by day I struggled to get my life back. I wouldn’t take anything for granted again. Life is a present and that is why we need to live in the present. It took many years and my mind needed the most work. My body never really came back but that’s not important. We need to renew our minds ever day and put on the armor God gives us to fight our real enemy deception. Satan wants nothing more than to squish us under his foot. But God won’t let him. I of course can give him permission and that is what most of the world has done. They are his slaves and they like it that way because they don’t know better. They see this world through very distorted lenses. I pray for those around me to change, for the spirit to change their hearts before it’s too late.