How big is your God?

How big is your God? That is how big your dreams for your life should be. I learned the Bible at a young age. I became a Christian when I was just five. But my parents read the Bible to us every evening during dinner. When I was big enough I read to the family. I believed what I heard. One time when I was older a minister asked us if we really believed the Bible or just the parts we liked. Some of the commandments can be hard to live.

It was that day that I decided. The Bible is true. God said it and I believed it. That settled it in my mind. From that day on every time I read the word I tried to imagine it actually happening. I would play the scenes in my head like I was there. I held Gods promises and commands for me in my heart.

In my years at the nursing home I have gotten so close to God. He’s my friend and I can spend hours talking to him. I hear him speak back to me and always commit to doing everything he asks me to do. So when he began stirring my heart about moving out of this home I was excited.

I believe God and trust God. My God can do anything and will whenever he sees fit. For twelve years I have been in this home. It was God who brought me to this home after my stroke in 2005. I came with the intent to learn to walk again. That never happened but he taught me to accept that. He told me that one day I would go home, but to rest in him for the time being. I was very content in my new home and never thought of leaving.

It was New Year’s Day when the Lord woke me up and said we are going to move. Confirming what I felt in my spirit for a couple weeks. He opened doors I never even imagined. Things started falling into place and it seemed overwhelming to me. He gave me a verse to hold on to. 1 Corinthians 2:9

“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has conceived, what God has planned for those who love him.” NIV

Right after this began my family went ballistic there was no way I was leaving this home. My hometown was out of the question. God warned me this might not be easy. Following God isn’t always easy. He was mocked, and criticized even beaten till the point of death for me. When God told Moses he was going to use him to free the people from Egypt was it easy. NO, there were many trials. Right up to the Red Sea. But the bigger the trials, the bigger the reward in the end. If I never was told that I was crazy then I must not be dreaming big.

You see I come from Dream City Church. Where the man we call the Pope, Tommy Barnett, teaches us all to get a God sized dream. If your dream seems impossible and it could only happen with your Gods help then your dream is a God sized dream.

He once had a dream to jog all the way to Los Angeles from Phoenix to start the very first Dream Center. It happened and now there are hundreds of Dream Centers around the world.

God thinks big. People throughout history have accomplished great things with God’s help. Before the light bulb was a huge success, he made a thousand attempts to get the filament just right. He did not fail 1000 times. It just took longer for that success.

President Lincoln ran for office many times before he became president.

Every good and perfect thing comes from God. The harder it is to get there the sweeter the reward. Depending on how big you see God to be the farther he can take you.

I am in the best health, best strength, best mind, and best spirit than I have ever been. At least since the stroke. If God says we’re moving. Then we are moving. Just the other day my family met with authorities here to talk about me. Trying to save me from myself. My mind may not be all there or just right, they thought. Just because I am so adamant to do what I strongly believe God is showing me to do.

Well when God wants to do something he will. Even without everyone’s permission. This move will happen if and when God wills. I will be right there.

“Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” Romans 4:3. NIV

Then She Spoke

Ever since I can remember I have been quiet and introspective I take in everything around me holding it in my heart.

Ever since I can remember I have been quiet and introspective I take in everything around me holding it in my heart. I have had a wonderfully blessed life full of positive things. I once thought that was normal but now that I am older I can see so much hurt and pain in the world. All my life I have been soaking in things in my life that now have made me a very strong person. I was always quiet as a child and as I grew I found it hard to talk to just anybody. I had to get to know you pretty well before the real me came out. Then I was silly and goofy, the class clown, just trying hard to get people to like me. Even after I was married my husband was a good talker so I let him do the talking. So I kind of lived through his conversations never saying much myself. While working people saw me as stuck up and to good for them just because I seldom spoke to anyone. I found a profession that I was really good at. I was a realtor. When working I found that I knew just what to say to get the job done, but still no chit chat or light talk. My business partner saw this happening and tried to draw me out. I knew him well and could talk to him as we worked, easily. Not too long after that I had a massive stroke. Immediately I couldn’t speak. No voice, and I couldn’t move. Before anyone knew what was wrong with me they thought I had passed out but I was wide awake and totally aware of everything going on around me.  They were trying to figure out what to do and I was screaming out in my head call 911. That’s about when they realized that this was serious and they should do just that. I was then in a hospital unable to speak or even move and they were trying to take care of me.  My husband was again my voice telling everyone what I would want. I couldn’t even open my mouth let alone get anything out. I did learn to point to an alphabet board to speak my most urgent needs. I got real fast at spelling my needs but it was hard to keep up with me.  I would get frustrated easily and cry a lot. This got me labeled as a behavior problem in the nursing home I was in. I finally got my computer back and tried to tell people what was going on but by then I was already labeled a problem so no one listened. I lived seven years of basically being mute because I was getting little air in my lungs I could get very little volume out and most people couldn’t hear me, or didn’t want to hear, or just didn’t understand my speech. I went through several speech therapists trying to get me to speak and if you listened real carefully you could make out what I was saying. In a crowded nursing home full of older people and people with mentał issues I was mute. After seven years and a miracle one morning I got the air back in my lungs I could talk, not perfectly, but enough for the nurses and aides to understand me if they took the time to listen. Still I couldn’t communicate with the majority so I still did not talk much. I had so much to say but to who, so I became a really good listener. I found out so much about everyone by just listening around me. I always had good hearing. I was always writing about everything that happened to me from the stroke on. Which made for some good books. I enjoyed getting heard.

– Annette Coffey