God’s Symphony

“My heart, O God, is steadfast: my heart is steadfast, I will see and make music.” Psalm 57:7

God has been working on an amazing symphony ever since the world was created. It is a masterpiece that would make Mozart and Bach jealous. He has a score all set up for everyone he created. We don’t always play the notes he set up but that just makes the music a little more dramatic and unique. Like when someone murders or abuses someone else. Or even when we do something bad that we are not proud of and we wonder how God could still love us and accept us. He does and he uses that to make the music even richer. There are so many instruments that man has created over the years. We have a Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix and I have visited a few times. It is so large that I still haven’t seen it all. And they probably still don’t have all the instruments ever created. Think about the aborigines around the world in remote locations. And even home made instruments that different people have come up with. God doesn’t do anything halfway. He is only perfection. Everyone is designed and created on purpose and for a special purpose. He is loving us in to who we will be. I mean look at the life I was raised in, a loving Christian home where we believed that if the church was open we were there. I still rebelled and decided that I wanted my way when I was older. I had to have a stroke to actually wake me up and start seeing God. It wasn’t til I was hurting and crying out to God that the lights went on. I know someone that God was drawing to himself that ran the other way and joined the army. But God kept them safe and eventually drew them back. Like I said our notes aren’t always pretty but God can make something beautiful out of our mess and still use it in his masterpiece. It may seem like a real mess to us but maybe God is working on someone else right in the middle of what we see as a mess. His ways are not always our ways but he does know just what will work on each of his creations. He will use anything to make it happen. This little instrument is just so glad to be used by God. I may be bent and dented but he is still using me.

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