It Is Finished

“When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” He bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

This says it is done, check mate, game-set-match, the end. Could he have been any clearer. There are so many defeated and worried people in this world and so many of them are Christians. Do they not believe God? Those words tell me that death is no more. The devil lost. No, he will still try to defeat humanity and destroy lives but the game is still over and he has lost. God says no-one that has been chosen will be lost for they are his. You can do things in this life to give Satan control but he has no control unless you allow it. God has given us authority over Satan because only he has control of our lives. Sickness, addiction, depression, fear, lack, anger and so much more. Jesus paid the ultimate price on that cross and God allowed it because we mean so very much to them. Not just our souls for salvation but so that we have an abundant and full life. God is very much the God of details. Everything is taken care of. He has every circumstance in his hands and he is in control of everything. Not once has he ever been taken by surprise. He can keep track of billions of people every minute and even know their very thoughts and intentions. God is awesome! There is nothing that comes near to that. It takes courage to live a life of conviction. You sometimes have to give up things that you might want, but God knows what is best for you. Following his commands is not always easy and you may lose a job or a friend because of your convictions because doing what God asks of you is not always popular. People may say you are weak, crazy, or strange. But do you know what? I have it so much more with peace and strength and an army on my side. An army that will win every time. The freedoms and peace are so worth any temporary inconveniences in this life. I am going to make sure I take advantage of everything that God has for me. Because I am worth it, God said so.

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