Making It Yours

“God blessed them and said to them, “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Genesis 1:28

God made everything for us. Everything that exists was made by God and given to us. That’s how much our God loves us. We came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing. I used to just lie in bed in the morning and thank God for things he gave me. Like air to breathe, and breakfast that I didn’t have to make or clean up. But I could lie there all day long and never come near thanking him for everything. Plants, animals, places and food, you name it, and God made it. He made it for our enjoyment while we are here on earth. Tomorrow morning when I wake up the sun will come up and it will be another beautiful day. A cool winter day for me to enjoy. Because God loves us. He wants me to enjoy what he has made. Life isn’t always perfect and problems and troubles arise. Trials and pain are guaranteed in this imperfect world but he promises to always be with me and will help me through. “What can I do for you?” Something he always asks. He cares about every detail of our lives. He loves to talk with us about whatever is on our minds. The older I get the more I love to sit and talk. So I have begun to just talk throughout the day just as if he was sitting right next to me. Like I used to do with my family. I am always thanking him for things. An especially good meal, or a idea to try pops into my head. The solution to a game I’m playing. I know it’s him. It may come to me through someone else but it all comes from him. It’s his way of saying I love you. I care about you. I have learned to enjoy simple things like a sudden rain shower this morning Or watching birds on my back patio. My grandson playing with his monster trucks. Listening to my daughters talk about their vacations and all they did. I don’t want to miss these opportunities. Life is what you get out of it. It is all mine to enjoy.

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