How To Be Blessed

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Matthew 5:8

Oh how powerful this simple verse is. The most important thing to God is our hearts because out of our hearts comes life or death. He knows our hearts, every crack and crevice. How we think, what we know and what we will do. He said that good and bad come from the overflow of our hearts. Every day we get more information to cram into that little heart. The secret is knowing if, one day, you want to see God? The answer will change everything you let into your mind and your heart for the rest of your life. To see God one day I will want to be pure. He knows everyone’s hearts and true motives. If you love the Lord and want to spend eternity with him, you will want to be intentional. I personally love to listen to praise music. It strengthens and lifts me up to listen to songs about my God. I don’t listen to much other music because it doesn’t do anything for my soul. I do like other music but what gives me peace and gets me closer to heaven? I don’t own a TV any more. I watch Christian movies all the time. Tv brings me down and I prefer being up. I might watch a Hallmark feel good movie occasionally but I do not miss tv. There is too much in life I don’t want to miss like friends and family. A beautiful sunrise or sunset. I’m retired so not having to work frees me up to do things I enjoy. I’m over complaining and just want to focus on living. Everyone needs to carefully examine what they allow into their lives. What I may do is not what you will do and that’s fine but guard your heart if you want peace. Throughout my day I can feel my spirit saying to do this or say that. Go here or try this. I always listen because I want the road I’m on to lead me home one day. Fifteen years ago I never thought this way but I also wasn’t a very happy person either. I just want my life to get better and I believe intentional living is the way to see that happen. I talk to God a lot. And I can feel his presence throughout the day. So I can talk to him just like I would my family throughout the day. I read the Bible and like to memorize scripture because it is kindling to keep that fire burning in my life. This little light of mine will burn brighter everyday for a lost and dying world. One day I will close my eyes for the very last time. And when I open my eyes, I will see Jesus.

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