What Is Sin

“For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23 NIV

Sin brings death. But all sin brings consequences into our lives. Sin is different to different people. There are sins that we all know such as murder, slandering God’s name, and adultery. But to God each sin is the same. He will forgive one as well as another. A sin is a conviction in your heart that says, ‘don’t do it.’ Or maybe to go do something. You may feel inside that you shouldn’t lie or steal. But it might also tell you to talk to someone. By not listening to that still small voice you are sinning. Sinning is wrong. It may not be wrong to eat something but if you feel you shouldn’t eat that extra cookie at lunch, then for you it is a sin. If you really need to lose weight so you can enjoy the life God wants to bless you with. A healthy, happy, productive life. Then that would be a sin. When we eliminate sin it’s brings so much freedom and peace. I know I read several different things, totally by accident, about eating healthy. About the dangers of hidden sugars. Well I felt like I needed to change the way I was eating and it wasn’t easy but I felt convicted. Not everyone feels that way, but for me it would have been a sin to ignore. After a month I lost a lot of weight and I’ve never felt more energy and alertness. That little bit of discipline helped in my relationship with God, also. I felt like I needed to exercise my arms. I didn’t have to, but it has made me feel better. I’ve been writing a daily devotional. Some days I just can’t write but that’s ok. I feel God has called me to be an encouragement to others and do all I can. When I do write , it comes so fast I can barely get it down fast enough. He will inspire me with things to write about but I need to stay in his word and in prayer to be ready to hear him. Each day I tell God to use me. I will do whatever he asks. As I see God using me I get excited and want to do more. I watched another good movie last night God has so many great plans for our lives and he will do more than we can ever imagine. He sees pictures of us doing things and being apart of something so great but sin can compromise that plan. It showed a man who had been raised right and lived a good life, but he had lost his job and decided to rob a convenience store for money. The robbery went badly and someone had been shot. God kept telling him to turn himself in, but his brother kept pushing him. Finally God convinces him to turn himself in and ask for forgiveness and to turn his life over to God. He was missing out on so much that God was trying to give him. His dad had not been around for him because he was in prison. He knew he needed to be a better person for his family and a baby on the way to raise. He turned himself in and even ministered to other men while he was in prison. His brother even came to know the Lord though his ministry.

What has God shown you that you need to change?

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