Mystery of Death

“There is a time to be born and a time to die…”. Ecclesiastes 3:2 NIV

There is a time to be born and a time to die. There is really no mystery over death and it is predetermined. Before we were ever born God had a plan for every minute of our lives. Whether we live for two minutes or 30,000 days it is in God’s hands. We don’t die one minutes early or one minute late. The only one who has control over our lives is God. I know the devil would like us to think differently. I’m sure he probably thinks differently about the subject. One day over two thousand years ago he had a plan to destroy a good man. This was a very good man that healed the sick and raised the dead. This was God’s one and only son. Do you think he would have let him die if he had known the final outcome? That one death would change the world and make it possible for no men to die again. God’s perfect plan of salvation. The devil would love to see you tormented by a fear of death and dying. Will I have a heart attack, be murdered, get hit by a car, or die suffering from cancer. It really doesn’t matter to me. I know that God knows the minute that I will close my eyes for the very last time. Nothing can happen that my God doesn’t know in advance. There never has been a time that he was surprised. He never said, oh no, I didn’t see that coming. What are you doing in heaven? If he knows when a single sparrow falls then he can see us every minute. You may die because of an accident, car accident or a drowning, but it wasn’t by accident. God doesn’t make accidents. He is perfect. He may let the enemy think they have gotten away with something, but ultimately they have no control only control God has given them. But he also makes things work out for our best. So God has the last laugh so to speak. I have a friend whose roommate died suddenly and it was a medical mistake that caused her death. My friend was so upset that she had died so young and felt someone should pay. I explained that it was God’s will for her to die when she did and that God just used an accident to fulfill his will. Humans can set out to take a life but only God’s will is final. I know an incident when someone set out to have an abortion on their unborn child only to have that child live. It may have physical problems but God’s plans are good. I loved the movie ‘Breakthrough,’ about some teenage boys that fell through ice into a lake and one boy drowned. The boy could not be revived when he got to the hospital and the doctor finally told the frantic mom. The mom prays frantically and the boys heart begins beating. Doctors tell her there is no hope for a good outcome. They keep him in an induced coma for some time. The nurses even complain about taking care of someone who will die eventually. But when the mom says wake him up and pull the plug he awakens and gives his momma a big hug knowing full well who she is. He is perfect. This well known doctor is floor-boarded. He had never scene such a miracle. This was a true story that rocked an entire town. This is the God I serve, and he’s awesome.

Do you fear death?

One thought on “Mystery of Death

  1. Always enjoy reading your take on the Bible. We do serve a good God and I am so grateful I know Him.
    God bless,
    Aunt Marlene


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