How to Have the Wow of Jesus in 2019

I was just at lunch and the radio was on while I waited. A song came on by Diamond Rio, “What a Beautiful mess”. As I listened to the words I thought of my relationship with Christ and how exciting it has become. I also got a book for Christmas that says it all. “The Secret Place of Joy,” by Lindell Cooley. They describe the joy I have found and long to share with everyone.

As we begin another new year I encourage you to seek for more that God has for you in your life. The more I get the more addicted I become. It’s so exciting that I just want more. It is so true that the majority of Christians just know about God and try to do the right thing religiously but it’s hard. Very few know that ‘Wow’ available to us.

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11 NIV

“Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.” Isaiah 55:6 NIV

“…you do not have because you do not ask.” James 4:2 NIV

We have to seek to find it. God will not push on us anything. Even if it is the best thing ever he will wait on us. I spent 50 years of my life living a mediocre Christian life and trying to do it on my own. After my stroke I wanted to know what the reason I was alive for and began reading about God intensively.

I had made so many mistakes, what was I doing wrong. A wonderful Christian woman I knew modeled a dynamic Christian life that I greatly admired. I sought to find out more. She talked about her ‘relationship ‘ so passionately. So in 2013 I vowed to have that kind of relationship too.

To have a good relationship with anyone you need to talk with them and learn more about them. So, I began reading my Bible everyday and prayed about everything. The more I prayed the more I saw prayers answered. This just boosted my faith even more. I began listening to praise music.

One day God opened my eyes, I was sitting in a music program where he sang Christian songs, all of a sudden the words jumped out to my spirit and I felt every word. I began weeping with so much joy. I will never forget that day. I had been praying earnestly for more of God and he came through.

Listening to praise music really boosted my spirit. I stopped watching tv, listening to other music, I watched Christian movies, read Christian books, devotionals, and even found Christian games for my iPad. Not because any of these things are wrong. That may not be for everyone. Just because they brought even more joy.

I began being grateful. I started thanking God for everything. A hot cup of coffee, a beautiful day, friends, a great word on my game words for friends. The word says to pray without ceasing. That was just what I was doing. I begin every morning by talking to God about everything and everyone in my life and all day long I said thank you and whatever was on my mind. Just like a best friend,which he is.

Every good a perfect gift comes from God. The more we ask for the more he gives.

Another important point is our attitude. You can dwell on the one negative thing in your day or spend time being grateful for all the good things in your life.

I have many hard things to face ever since my stroke. My body is far from perfect. I need help with everything. I can’t walk or even stand. My body does what it wants and I don’t have a lot of control anymore. But when I am up in my chair I am fairly independent.

Living in a nursing home has been a real adjustment for me to overcome. I’m not the free independent young gal that I once was but I can always find plenty of positives to dwell on. The more I dwell on them the more joyful I become. It may take me 15 minutes to do something simple but once I’m done I have so much satisfaction in doing it myself.

Going out to church has been so good for me. I have met so many good people that really have enriched my life. No one can have too many friends especially when they are family of God members. My church is online so even if I can’t go I never miss excellent words of truth. But being right among everyone is awesome.

I started tithing a few years back and trying to do all God asks of us. The more I give the more I get a high out of it. I wish I had more to give. It really is better to give than to receive . It feels so good even tips at restaurants. I love to bless others however I can. Just sharing a smile or a hug can be so rewarding. Filling others needs when I can makes me smile.

This coming year enjoy all that God has for you! Start the year with a positive attitude and see all that you can have come to you. Enjoy fully.

One thought on “How to Have the Wow of Jesus in 2019

  1. I just want you to know Annette that watching your journey with God has enriched and blessed my life. So sad that we never really got to know one another. Thanks for sharing your journey. May God continue to bless you.
    Aunt Marlene


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