They will know us by our love

Yesterday was a big day for me. Every year our church does a wonderful Christmas pageant. They have been doing this for forty years. Each year almost a thousand people get involved volunteering and spending months preparing for this big event which goes for two weeks.
So many people, thousands get to see the true meaning of Christmas around the world acted out in song and dance. Also with the help of animals such as large camels in the final scene to flying angels.
Yesterday was dedicated the special needs day and we all got to attend for free. With Sunday class, church, a big pizza party with presents, to the Christmas pageant to top it off, it is a jam packed day of fun. Last night I got in bed exhausted and fell fast asleep. Totally forgot my blog til I woke this morning.
The first thing on my heart this morning was what the guest speaker we had at church yesterday was talking about. It really stuck with me. He said do you believe in Jesus?, or do you Believe Jesus?
Even the demons believe in Jesus but in the end they do no do what God asks. And in the very end a place is prepared for them and it’s not heaven. People can believe there is a God. One who made this wonderful world we live in with unique plants, animals, and different people of every race, and color.
What do you believe in? A God? What God? What do you really believe?
“But someone will say, “you have faith, I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. James 2:18. NIV
They will know we are Christians by our love and good deeds. If Christ really lives in us we will have his love. If that love truly is in us we cannot help but live it in our actions. The more we come together in fellowship the more that love grows and matures. We rub off on each other.
That love we have for each other helps us when times get hard. When trials come it helps to have people who love you and really care for you. That extra hug and kind word can make so much difference.
That’s why people who believe but never attend church or develop strong Christian bonds have such a hard time doing life and dealing with all that comes their way.
They are on their own, even if God is always with us and never leaves it helps to have others who love like him around.

One thought on “They will know us by our love

  1. Excellent. Glad you had a good day yesterday. What you posted is ever so true. Being a doer of the Word of God is vital as a believer. Merry Christmas.
    Aunt Marlene


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