Recently I had trouble with my roommate watching tv all day very loudly. It was fine if I just went and sat outside where it was quiet. It finally got louder and louder and my blood pressure was going up. She was watching even at night now. I prayed for God to solve my dilemma. I approached my social worker with my problem just before Thanksgiving. She immediately went to work to solve the problem.

I have learned that worrying does not help. Once I put it in God’s hands he knows what is best so just let him work. I went about my day. A couple hours later they offered me my own private room all to myself. Thinking I couldn’t afford it I was hesitant.

They were offering it at the same cost I had been paying. I was so overwhelmed but all I could say was sure. I went to lunch and then went out back to relax in quiet. Moves can take time so when I came back in a couple hours later I went to my old room but it was stripped bare. They had moved everything.

They came in a little later and rearranged the furniture to my plans. Just how it would work best for me. I just sat there and felt so blessed. I even kept a small lamp on at night so I could see around my new room. I really did not feel that I deserved this. I would have been happy if she just stopped watching evenings so I could sleep. I hadn’t really asked to move.

The next few days I felt so thankful and it just seemed unreal but here I was enjoying the peace and quiet. It even has a private patio I sat out on in the sun one day.

It was great.

‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.   James 1:17

I did not do anything to earn God’s favor. I did just as he tells us I asked, and left it in his hands. Each and every day I see God working out things in my life and I feel so blessed. Who am I that I deserve such special treatment? I am just one of the millions

of his children.

That’s just it I am his.  I am special to him. Not something I did for him. He gave his son to die for everyone. Anyone can have this favor. It’s a free gift.

I was called and I accepted that gift. I did not have to do anything to earn it. I do want all he has for my life because it is good. Everyday I want to do all I can to let others know about this great gift. I am not preaching to people. It’s more like bragging about something I have that you can have too.

I find it so saddening when I hear someone talking about how there is no God. If they only knew.

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