In His Presence

In Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while he may be found, call on him while he is near” and in Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled,” we are given very important wisdom for a full life. Throughout life we all strive for peace, joy and acceptance. We go to great lengths to get this. God tells us that in His presence is fullness of joy.

That sounds so simple. Can’t be that simple, right? What is the meaning of life and how can we be satisfied and fulfilled.

I was born into a wonderful Christian home. Before I was ever born God had a plan for me. He had a call on my life and knew just how it would play out.

When I was just five I came to know the Lord one day in kindergarten. When I was a teen I went to church camp and was filled with the Holy Spirit.

My life was blessed even though I thought it was normal. My dad always told me how important it was to be at church whenever the doors were open and i was from birth. I always tried to be good and do what I was told. I went to vacation Bible school each summer and won prizes for learning all the books of the Bible, memorizing scripture, and knowing different Bible characters.

I always did great because my dad had us read the children’s story Bible during dinner time. Heck I knew all the stories and all the characters. I still struggled with doing all I should. I always forgot to pray and after I got married I tried to read my Bible regularly but life was just so busy, husband, kids, job, and living life seemed enough.

It wasn’t till I was 45 and had a severe stroke that I finally had plenty of time on my hands. Laying flat on my back, unable to move or speak, God had my attention. What was going on. I was calm and not really worried because I knew God was in control but it was hard.

A friend came to see me and offered to read the Bible to me. That made a huge impact on me. When I could I vowed to start reading my Bible every day, I had the time. I haven’t missed many days since. Missed days tend to be bad days so I remember to do it first thing.

Struggling to live in a nursing home I learned so much about God and his ways. I had a Chaplain that was on fire for the Lord, telling us all about Jesus changing her life and always doing things, miracles, for her like he was her best friend. I wanted more.

I started reading every book about God I could get my hands on. We would take trips to Savers and I would bye books for $2.00 and many. I had so many trials in my life but I wanted more of Him. After a perfectly tuff time where I had been in the hospital for a while and was unable to read my Bible I committed to praying every day to get more of God.

The more I got, the happier I felt, and the more I wanted. I would sit and listen to praise music out on the back patio where I was alone. I also prayed a lot and sang hymns out there. It felt good. I had no trouble doing this I just loved doing it.

That’s when I started going to the church. Man it felt so good and I was hooked.

Just to be around people who believed like me and loved me. Singing in church was so alive with passion. They talked about going to camp for a whole week. So I tried it. That was the closest I think you could get to heaven here on earth.

I mean here I am with only Christian brothers and sisters, in the mountains, for a whole week, doing and being with God 24/7. Awesome.

These things have made me so happy. I truly am happier than ever before in my life. Jesus now is my very best friend and some day I’ll go to be with him forever. But right now I just want to be in his presence.

The happiest place I’ve ever known.

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