When tragedy strikes

I had written two different articles for my blog but at the last minute God told me he had something else in mind. In light of the shootings in Las Vegas I need to address death from tragedy or accident. The first thing I need to address is that nobody dies accidentally. Our time to die has been predetermined by our Heavenly Father before we are ever born.
“A person’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.” Job 4:25. NIV
God knows the minute you will die and you will not die early. Even if you die young that was God’s plan. It does not take God by surprise when a gunman takes out a room full of people. Remember God knows everything before it happens. He knew about 9/11, Boston marathon bombing, when an airplane disappears from the sky, and the Oklahoma City bombing.
God knows if you will have cancer or many other diseases, or die in a car accident. Your death is preplanned. God wants us to enjoy our lives here on earth. We are here such a short time compared to our future lives in eternity. We do not need to waste time worrying about something we have no control over anyway. Instead of worry turn to God. Pray for your health and safety wherever you go. Also remember to pray for the families of those that did die. Although it may have been the day God decreed for them it is still difficult.
When 9/11 happened there were many instances where people were not where they were supposed to be. People over slept, got stuck in traffic, missed their plane or were bumped from their flight. They were not in a place they were not supposed to be. Only the people decreed to die that day did.
I heard that 500 people got shot but only 59 died. There were people that were there that jumped to the chance to help. One man started putting as many as he could in his truck as and took them to a hospital. This saved many. Even if someone dies doctors can resuscitate them. The number of deaths could have been a lot higher.
I know when I had my stroke I had always been afraid of dying or the pain of dying. I don’t remember much of anything. I did almost die and after the first night they gave me little hope of living. They even asked me if I wanted to live or not. I guess they did not want to be heroic and spend lots of money if I had given up.
Now I fear nothing because my God is in control and I trust that I will die when I am meant to die and I probably won’t remember pain when I see the face of Jesus in Heaven. Now it doesn’t matter to me how I go, oh I’m sure it would matter to my family but they will know where I went . They would remember me and miss me, but be happy for me in the same breath. 
So don’t spend time worrying that you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. When your time comes, and no one but God knows that, you will be in the right place at the right time. Just be sure you know where you will be for eternity.

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